Zartech Launches Free CMMC Readiness Assessment Tool

The Department of Defense is mandating that all contractors that conduct business with the DoD must obtain Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) to qualify for upcoming RFPs. CMMC will require demonstration of objective evidence to validate that the DoD contractors have implemented and operationalized their cybersecurity practices and processes against a five-level maturity standard.

Preparing for a CMMC audit can be overwhelming, particularly if the organization is doing it for the first time. You may have many controls to choose from and numerous documentation requirements to satisfy.Before the auditor walks in your door, you should have checked off all the boxes on your CMMC checklist and have your supporting evidence on hand.

Zartech has built a guidance tool to help these DoD contractors understand their readiness to meet the CMMC Readiness Assessment, determine effort and funding needs to address the gaps. It is free to use!


Link to the assessment tool


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