What are virtual debit cards?

Wamo virtual payment card and debit card has become a favorite of startups and small businesses. Virtual payment cards are increasingly preferred to traditional credit cards because they have several advantages. Our virtual debit card can be sent anywhere in the world through any web browser or mobile device, eliminating the need for brick & mortar locations or complicated point-of-sale systems.

Virtual debit cards are the new way to pay. With a virtual card, you can transact with merchants anywhere in the world and receive payments within days in your bank account, minus fees. These are the cards where you have all the control about your card instead of the bank. It allows you to choose the currency you want, set a spending limit, and choose the types of merchants the card can be used with.

The Wamo virtual payment card is an online debit card. It can make online shopping easy, safe and secure. You can create your own wamo Card for free and use it to pay for your purchases with just one click, wherever Visa cards are accepted. Create your virtual payment card now!

Use wamo virtual cards as unique, secure and easy to use payment solution for your business. The application is available in Android, iOS and web versions.

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