The Launch of Personal Computers

We have always been fascinated how the personal computers have made all of our jobs quite easy. Even the blue-collar workers are now required how these computer function to make their jobs easier and rather more organized. However, how much do we really know about the computers invention?

Little do we know that the very first units of personal computers were manufactured and were initially sold via mail-order as a result f the encouragement of a friend who coincidentally was an editor of a well-known technology magazine. They were quite costly, too, amounting to $400 per unit but were sold like hotcakes, too. Due to the overwhelming respond from the public, another company was inspired to do the same thing; a major electronic firm that goes by the name of was among the first companies that released computers to the public. The company incorporated the use of a keyboard plus a screen and the units were then sold like hotcakes. The year was 1977 and this was on one of the most crucial part of the personal computer invention.

Two engineers from the now world-renowned company named Steven Jobs and Stephen Wozniak invented the world’s first ever homemade microprocessor computing machine. They were able to successfully create this while working in the garage of Stephen Job’s parents. As a hobby, they started to mass produce these first computers. Being full-pledged technology enthusiasts, they started the company that progressed easily and they also eventually released the second version of the first computer which was considered the worlds’ first personal computer. The very パソコン|資格と宅建士|宅建ならきりんのブログ cost a fortune which also made it difficult to purchase them.

It is so fascinating how the computer started and how it is evolving non-stop. Today, personal computers can be customized depending on your preference and needs – for work, leisure, studies or just gaming.

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