The 5 Best Ways to Find Cheap CDs

CDs you might be wondering. Who still buys CDs? Well actually CDs have advantages over digital media. First of all, it is possible to immediately upload the info from your own audio CD on your computer, and actually you then have both the mp3s AND a CD. This means that you should have the digital type of your music, together with a hardcopy back-up. And, if you follow the tips in this article, it will be easy to obtain this at a very very cheap price, and much cheaper than if you were to buy the mp3s.

1). Go cd 回收 . Sounds obvious, but a lot of people still associate hard copy media, such as for example CDs with the high street and music shops. Its amazing however, just how many products on amazon are discounted nowadays, and since they have introduced digital downloads, CDs have grown to be even cheaper to buy online.

2). Work with a CD Price Comparison (see resource box) to find the cheapest price online. You just enter the CD that you are looking for, click search, and you get a list of which store has your CD at what price.

3). Look on online marketplaces that specialise in music – Gemm and Musicstack are two of the biggest. These marketplaces connect independent music stores on one website. Make sure that you only buy cheap CDs from the stores that have a good feedback from the lot of people. These are the best places to find rarer CDs and imports.

4). Look in charity shops – Most CDs in charity shops get a standard price, which is generally very cheap!

5). Obtain the shops in January/February – Following the Christmas rush, shops are dying to remove old stock, and CDs are a popular buy at Christmas.

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