Music Marketing and advertising – The Essentials of an Successful Music Press Kit

As a struggling independent musician in a hugely competitive over-crowded market place it need to be left unsaid that you need to have to stand out from the crowd. There are lots of methods to do this. There is music publicity, radio promotion, in depth tour presence, and the almighty music marketing and music promotion. You need to have to get your message out there –period.

Acquiring your music advertising and marketing message out there is one thing but obtaining the appropriate message out there is a different. Your professional image as an independent artist is of the utmost value in order to rise above the sea of competitors. Most independent bands and independent artists have some sort of a music press kit or music promotion kit that they use for promotional purposes. Frequently, musicians will use either a traditional print music media kit, a digital press kit (DPK), or an on the internet EPK (Electronic Press Kit). But just how skilled and convincing are they?

A often asked question that I get all the time from my independent artists and musicians is which kind of press kit ought to we put together? Which type of music press kit operates finest and is most impressive and powerful? review to that query depends on a couple of factors.

What I mean by this is that I propose developing and keeping two forms of press kits — either a print or digital music press kit, and an electronic press kit. The explanation for this is straightforward. Specific media outlets, labels, venues, music management providers, etc. choose a print press kit or digital press kit with your full blown CD so it can be listened too on high efficiency stereo equipment to get the complete effect of your music and its production qualities. Other people choose not to have their office congested with piles of press kits, and their preferred technique is just reviewing your music online.

For the factors just noted, we recommend you do a print or digital press kit and have 1 online as nicely. There’s really practically nothing to building an online EPK so why not have it readily available. There are a few incredibly excellent EPK services out there and they price just a few dollars per month. But I am putting an emphasis on the fact that an EPK (Electronic press kit on the net) is not enough. You still have to have the classic print or digital press kit in your music promotion arsenal.

It is notable to mention that your Music press kit is almost certainly your most precious promotional tool and it wants to be taken really seriously. Other than your CD and live efficiency it is usually the initially impression of you as an artist that labels, venues, and other music media outlets will obtain. There are several graphic art firms that specialize in the preparation of media promotion kits that you may perhaps want to take into consideration if your spending budget permits. If not, for a few dollars, a little creativity, and time and effort, you can do it yourself. Here are the standard components of a print press kit and Electronic press kit, and the experienced signifies by which to go about it.

In your classic print music press kit version the components to include are a professionally developed cover with your logo or photo, a cover letter of introduction, Band or Artist biography, a specialist eight- x 10- black and white glossy promotional photo, media function articles and press releases, album critiques and quote sheet, your full length – extended play, or professionally recorded demo CD, an market CD-a single sheet, a business card and professionally labeled envelope. The supplies needed are heavy stock paper, portfolio cover, huge envelope, address labels, company cards, and your 8- x 10- glossy photo. Now here’s how to go about putting the print press kit with each other.

Your professional music press kit should really have an impressive cover. This must involve a photo of the artist, artist’s name, and artist’s contact facts. Sort of like the cover of a book. You need to also consist of a cover letter of introduction. This really should introduce you as the artist stating briefly a little about yourself. Don’t get also precise in this letter you can leave that for the bio and other media which you will consist of.

Make sure you address the letter to one precise particular person – – getting private is vital. It offers the look of a non-cookie cutter look and that you really feel this media outlet, label, venue, or music agent has significance. Make sure that either at the prime or the bottom of this letter you have incorporated your full make contact with details or your artist’s representative’s get in touch with details. The cover letter need to be inserted just inside the kit’s cover prior to any other data. The contact information need to also be included at the bottom suitable on every page in the music promo kit.

Artist or Band Biography:
The next page or what would actually be the 1st informational web page of the music media kit would be your artist biography page. Here you should really involve a brief history of the artist or band, a small about each member if it is a complete band. This ought to be no longer than one particular page and need to not be a extended drawn out history of the band but just a short synopsis of what you have accomplished and where you plan to go. A lot more importantly, you must involve items like substantial shows or tours, contests won, radio play, or any achievements that you really feel are noteworthy and may well raise you above other individuals in terms of reputation and improvement. Maintain it straightforward, concise, and meaningful. If there are no writers among you or your close friends than we highly propose getting your band bio written for you by a experienced music copywriter. It’s so vital and it will have to be qualified.

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