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Lubricant Distributor -Luber MARYLAND 2000 is the self-contained, microprocessor manipulated, motor-driven automatic lubricator. Electro-Luber is an automatic electronic grease dispenser providing constant lubrication protection 24 hours per day. It cannot get referred to as a pressure vessel as it is not controlled by producing gas. Alternatively, the procedure with the lubricator is dependent on the work with of minor internal pressure forcing grease into the posts of an unique rotating auger pump. It is this that mixes and faveur the lubricant from pressures as much as two hundred psi. the pressure avails the lubricator to be made use of not only with extended feed range pipework, and that can even pattern progressive distributors allowing a single MD 2150 to feed many bearings. When one particular or a combination associated with selector switches happen to be turned on, the unit will stimulate at chosen intervals. At each span, about 1cc of grease will probably be delivered to the impact. In addition it have to be noted how the grease outcome is simply not affected simply by outside temperature or perhaps altitude.

Benefits involving Working with Electro Luber:

Typically the positive aspects associated with Electro Luber might be listed while follows –

This includes a a couple of method way to automatically dispense the lubricant and fat on ball bearings. Hence it fosters reusable Motor motivated units and the particular electro-chemical cell that generates inert nitrogen gas.
The huge selection of Electronica Lube out there in the marketplace likewise avails good requirement. It is out there is 125cc ( eight 3 / 4 ” high x three 1/ six ” diameter), 250cc ( eight 1/ 2 ” high x 4 ” diameter), and 500cc ( 8 1/ two ” high x 4 three / 4 inch diameter) sizes.

The particular lubricator is available in each Alkaline and Lithium battery pack packs and will be developed as solitary point lubricators or even to feed multiple ball bearings working with progressive distribution prevents from Digilube.
Obtainable with a warrantee of two yrs, the units of Electro Luber is usually pre filled up with the lubricant of the buyers specification.
Electro-Luber MD units may be used underwater to absolute depths of 60 ft. (20 meters) and even the use intended for alkaline is simply recommended up right up until 50� – 85� F (-10� instructions 30� C)

This is advised that will for the effective and dependable using the lubricator 1 should prevent the use of Electro Luber in case of automatic grease dispensers in temperatures beneath 14� F (10� C), above 170� F (76� C), or in an application requiring extra than 200 psi. Installing the Electronica Luber MD (units have 1/ 2 ” NPT strings and come with a brass adapter) straight on the particular bearing is the particular finest way to set up this lubricator. Perhaps following the stuffing is empty, stocking can be simply achieved by employing a normal grease gun.

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