Motion Sensors All Around You Everyday

A motion sensor is a detective device that reads movements using electronic, mechanical and digital controls. After sensing the object, it provides information directly to the software or hardware that causes further action. The benefits of motion detectors are endless and we continue to find new applications to fit constantly evolving industry and customer needs. Motion sensitive devices are a common part of everyone’s day, perhaps in ways you do not realize. Grocery stores, laundry facilities and public restrooms are some of the more common places where you can see these sensors in action.

At Your Local Grocery Store

Today most grocery stores incorporate automatic motion detectors to open and close doors. The motion sensitive switch is able to identify when a customer has approached a door by utilizing a simple radar mechanism. The motion sensor box, which is located above the door, sends microwave signals and waits for it to bounce back at established frequencies or time intervals based on distance. If any person obstructs the field of the microwave signals, the motion sensitive box receives the “reflection” and this triggers the door to open. Since these sensors mostly use microwave radar, you can manipulate these motion sensitive devices using radar detectors. Another motion sensor in use with merchants to open doors involves ultrasonic sound waves to detect the object, similar to a bat’s sonar. Each and every type of حساس الحركة ejects some energy to identify the change.

At Laundry Facilities

Today most Laundry retailers make use of motion detector applications for locking purposes. They provide enough security by carefully monitoring each and every user. Most Laundromat motion sensors are mechanized by magnetic power. There are a variety of magnetic powered motion sensitive locking systems available depending upon the needs of the facility.

In Public Restrooms

Today public properties are going hi-tech and public restrooms are no exception. Motion detectors are commonly used in restrooms in several different applications including paper towel dispensers, hand dryers, soap dispensers, water fixtures and general lighting. For general lighting, a motion sensor switch at the fixture identifies the presence of a person through a triggering mechanism. In this application, LED bulbs are used for lighting purpose. If the sensor confirms the presence of motion, the LED light will be illuminated. Once motion ceases, the light will extinguish. Benefits of utilizing sensors in this manner include saving energy and reduced maintenance. Other benefits include the increase of bulb life and increasing the safety and comfort of visitors.

The term motion sensor is synonymous with motion detection. Motion detection is a vital component in many commercial and residential security systems.


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