Mazda 16x – The Future of the Rotary Engine

The Mazda RX2, Mazda RX3, Mazda RX4, Mazda RX7 and after this Mazda RX8 are generally examples of thriving rotary engine activities automobiles. The Brand new Mazda 16x Rotary Engine should further popularize this offbeat combustion engine which attributes (as rotaries generally have) the compact design having an exceptional energy -to-weight ratio all throughout just 1. 6 Liters.

Mazda will be calling this innovative rotary engine typically the ” extended -stroke rotary engine. inch As you may already know, the particular 13B rotary powerplant has a displacement of just 1300cc, which can be 1. three Liters. Though typically the Mazda 16x features an engine displacement of 1600cc (800cc x 2 ), which is 1 . six Liters and even even though they’ve made the 16x drastically bigger than typically the 13B – that weighs much less compared with how a 13B. This kind of is due in order to aluminum side housings, which Mazda says shouldn’t scare people.

Mazda Release aim right here is ” greater heat efficiency” – which usually basically means, any automobile powered by simply the Mazda 16x is going to move like stink. Mazda says this kind of [thermal efficiency] will raise torque whatsoever motor speeds. (Rotary search engines are notorious with regard to obtaining low torque, specially for the low- finish. )

They already have also added Primary Fuel Injection and so you can count on the 16x to be able to be significantly far more economical when compared to rotaries of the past. Harmful emissions will probably be greatly lowered just as nicely and energy should really be a bit improved compared to widespread multi-point supply injected rotaries such as the 13B. This must slim the fuel-air mixture out as nicely and may enhance the rotaries nasty habit of water damage every single time an individual move her down the street a block.

Mazda has completed remarkable things with their light and sporty 1 ) three Liter 13B – just consider what they will can do using this new Mazda 16x! Improved yet, simply envision what a person could do with this new Mazda 16x rotary engine! Sadly, however, Mazda has but in order to announce a creation automobile to transport typically the 16x. The best we’ve gotten is definitely the Mazda Taiki, a far-out original developed by Mazda beneath the “Nagare”(which is, Japanese for “flow”) concept regarding design and style.

So any time will we observe this new rotary engine in motion?

A lot of anticipated this kind of new rotary motor to appear in the 2009 Mazda RX8, but if the cover seemed to be pulled off in the United states Cosmopolitan Auto Show in Detroit, we noticed absolutely nothing nevertheless the Mazda 13B MSP Renesis engine beneath it’s glimmering hood.