Invest in Professional Gel Nail Kits

Gel nails have become a rage in the nail care industry and are here to stay. Correct application gives you the perfect finish, look and feel compared to those of natural nails and also makes it last longer without damage to your nails. The right application also ensures your clients are always happy and keep coming back to try newer designs.

It is not always easy to achieve the perfect look. First, you have to be a qualified nail tech, a licensed cosmetologist or a person with considerable experience in the nail care segment. Secondly, and the most important is to have a UV gel nail kit. A complete kit with all the requisites plays an important role in getting your application right. The correct equipments and quality gels in a single kit will help you complete your work with ease without the hassle of searching for or substituting a product and compromising on quality. A kit will also ensure consistency in your work practices.

In addition to the regular manicure and pedicure kit, ideally these are the essentials you have to be equipped with for gel nail application. They will help you build, maintain and repair any damage to the nails and get the required look.

o Basecoat, builder, primer gels – these are applied after the nail has been disinfected and prepared for the first application. A thin basecoat gel is applied and then cured under a UV light as recommended by the manufacturer. The tacky substance left on curing is wiped away with a Gel cleaner.

o Sealing and finishing gel – this is applied on the cured nail for a shiny finish. Be sure to apply evenly so as to prevent the formation of air bubbles. If you see minor imperfections in your application you can fix them by a 3-4 way buffer and major imperfections should totally be buffed off and started over again.

o White and Pink Gels – for the French manicures

o Cuticle oil – for softening and working on the cuticle area during the prep stage.

o Gel brush – the correct gel brush will give you ease in applying the gel coats without the formation of air bubbles. Recommended size is 6 or 8 for the best strokes

Other equipment that you will need is the emery bar with a grit of about 180, nail forms, nail glue, deltoid scissors, cuticle pushers to complete your set. It is also recommended that you invest in a practice finger if this does not come with your kit. This will help you hone your skills to perfection. Some kits may come with a UV lamp for the curing process. Else you will definitely need to invest in one to complete your collection.

Whatever be your choice of kit, be sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions before use and when used with care, your kit will get you the results you want to achieve. It’s worth the investment if you are looking for professional application. Nail school students will find this an ideal choice to start off with their first application as these kits contain all the basic equipments for a complete and thorough application.

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