Interested in Getting More Plays on SoundCloud? Here’s How It’s Done

If you’re a music producer interested in getting more plays on SoundCloud, we know it can be incredibly difficult. However, this article will detail immediate and short-term actions you can take right now to increase your following on a consistent basis (or overnight). We hope the tips offered here assist you in understanding how to foster new connections and obtain more listeners.

Networking – A Specific Kind of Networking

Marketing your music on SoundCloud is incredibly important, but there’s a proper way to foster connections too. It’s individualized, personal, and very relevant to your branding. The easiest way to network and foster connections among your SoundCloud peers is to seek them out. Spend your night finding 3-4 musicians who are not yet popular but play the same kind of music as you – they’re in your shoes. Connect with these people.

Then, engage with your new audience on social media and SoundCloud. Look for opportunities to comment on their successes and offer your feedback on their work. Doing this gives your account a sense of legitimacy and emphasizes to your 3-4 connections that you are a real and awesome person to work with. At the same time, don’t neglect your own musical productions – good connections will scratch your back after you’ve scratched theirs.

Look for opportunities to market your music in the comments section of their social media postings. You may also be asked to contribute your music by others! People are very interested in hearing new and unique artists who already have a connection with musicians they know of.

This is how you grow. Start small and work your way up – finding just 3-4 people to talk to and monitor per day adds up very quickly. In addition, networking involves talking to people outside of musical production. Share your own musical journey with your peers, or account for your personal story and detail how you began to take an interest in music.

Putting a personality behind the account will give you real, valid, and useful SoundCloud connections.

Hypeddit – The Platform for People Just Like You

Hypeddit is a unique social media platform combining Reddit and SoundCloud for maximum listener exposure fan major. You offer your songs to people for free in exchange for exposure and new fans. When someone downloads your song, they become your “fan” and are then notified of any new releases you put out. In short, you’ve gained a follower!

As you obtain more and more fans, you become more visible on people’s feeds. SoundCloud recognizes this and recommends your music to a larger pool of listeners.

Introducing FanMajor

Paid Services are among the easiest way to promote your SoundCloud in addition to free services like Hypeddit and individual networking.

Individual networking is great, but it works even better when your account already has a bunch of new followers, listens, comments, and likes on your music. Buy your initial following here and bypass the time it takes to gain more plays.

You can become recognized by Soundcloud overnight with FanMajor’s help – don’t wait, request your free demonstration of our services today and watch your account stats soar!

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