Improve Insurance Strong Mail Advertising Results by Raising Your Postal IQ 

Within eight weeks, we were making about $25,000.00 a week using the direct send practices Russ shown us. I understand primary send marketing operates, since I’m certainly one of their many success stories.

We applied to employ Russ to come calmly to our home in Kansas and work with us within the weekend. At that time, Russ charged us $2,500 for a week-end of his time and expertise. He’s a complete master in regards to earning money with primary mail, and I was privileged to view the master to work. We’n pick him up at the airport on a Friday night and, beginning very early Saturday morning, we’n remain around the dining area table and speak about all kinds of items and services our consumers may be thinking about, along with new promotions. Russ could get stoked up about something that individuals were talking about, and he’n start publishing on one of the numerous appropriate pads we had waiting for him there.

Meanwhile, Eileen and I’d relax in awe, watching him writing quickly and furious, as easily as he can; and when he’n end, we’n speak more, drink some more coffee, and eat good quality food. Then he’d be at it again. He was using all the ideas we were expressing, and translating them onto his legitimate pads as he wrote the income letters. When he left on Saturday, we’d end by the typist’s house and disappear dozens of patches to have them typed out and preserved to a weak disk. Then I’n adjust the replicate he wrote, send the ensuing income words out to the consumers, and start raking in the profits.

Primary mail advertising looks simple, but doing it effectively is not. Positive, it’s only a matter of taking a few ideas for new, related services and products and services, writing simple income letters interacting these some ideas, getting them in to papers, and giving them to your very best clients — people who have previously bought anything from you before. That’s as easy as it can be. But most corporations aren’t performing that. They’re performing what Eileen and Used to do before we achieved Russ: constantly pursuing new clients, maybe not doing enough to sell additional products and services to their current customers.

As we began applying direct mail to sell to existing clients, Russ helped people discover ways to use strong send to create sales words for clients — those that were thinking about the forms of points we were offering, but had never done company around before. That’s when the thousands got pouring in. You get an unbelievable emotion once you come up with your first primary dm発送 offer and the purchases begin arriving. It’s exciting, addictive, and profitable. So: let’s take a consider the principal advantages of primary send marketing, and why you must allow it to be a part of your business.


You’ve started your day with a revenue rally and the pep talk of your life. All your brokers have come in for the begin of a significant new campaign. They’ve reviewed the direct send item your service delivered earlier in the week. They’re educated on the products. They’ve never been more willing to sell. Every thing and every individual is in place.

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