How to recover your Facebook account from a Hacker

Hire a Hacker
Here’s what you can do if you’ve lost control of a Facebook account that belongs to you:

  1. Open your favorite browser on any connected device, and enter this URL into the address bar:


2. You will arrive at this page hosted by Facebook’s Fraud & Account Security people, with the blue
‘Facebook’ logo bar and the header text “Report Compromised Account”:

3. On this same page (, there is a blue button with the text “My Account Is Compromised” — just like the image above.4. Click the blue “My Account Is Compromised” button. It will take you to a special account login screen show in the step below…5. After clicking the blue button on the previous page, you’ll arrive at this Facebook account login screen.

    1. NOTE: This is a special facebook login page. Make sure you get here from


    1. Enter you registered phone number for your Facebook account if you set up a phone to log in. Your phone number
      is 10 digits long (783–222–9120) and should be entered as an
      International number. In the US, use +1, or: +17832229120
    2. If you don’t have a phone set up, can’t remember the phone or never used it, just enter the email address that Facebook
      uses as your account login in the first box.
    3. Enter your current password, even if someone else changed it or it didn’t work when you logged in normally.
    4. If Facebook rejects the password you used, enter a password you used on Facebook before instead. Try a recent old password
      if possible, but any password you’ve ever used on this Facebook Account
      is fine. Hacker for Hire in the United States


6. Once you get an email, phone # and password combo that Facebook recognizes, you’ll be taken to
Facebook’s form for reporting problems with your account, suspicious
activity, or evidence that it was indeed hacked.7. Enter all the information the form requires, with as much detail as possible. It shouldn’t take more
than 15 minutes or so to complete the report. You should expect to wait
up to several days for Facebook to respond. In some cases, Facebook will
finish in a few hours — but with the COVID-19 restrictions, expect
delays.8. Report your issues to Facebook as soon as possible… once they have a report in, your account will be
frozen and you will not be responsible for any purchases, transactions,
changes to your account or anything done by an unauthorized party. Hire a Legit Hacker.

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