How to Clean a Carburetor

The carburetor is a part of the engine that allows it to do the job it is intended to do. It carefully mixes the right amount of air and fuel to allow combustion and produce power. Without this device, the engines would not work. During the 1980s this device was replaced by the automatic fuel injector. However, the carburetor is still very common in some high-perforThe BEST method for cleaning carburetorsmance vehicles, as well as motorcycles and many other small engines.

Maintenance Steps

It is very important to keep the carburetor clean for it to run properly. If the carburetor is not periodically cleaned and maintained, its ability to regulate the combustion can seriously be compromised, resulting in the motor to not run properly.

The first step in keeping your clean a carburetor running properly is to remove it from your motor. After you have done so you will be able to clean it, disassemble it, and keep it in running condition.

How to Clean

After you remove the carburetor from the motor, cleaning it in a cleaning solvent would be the first thing you should do. You can do this by using a special tool designed for cleaning carburetors. After you have cleaned the carburetor with the cleaning solvent, as well as finished disassembling it, you must then make sure that all ports and jets are cleared. You can accomplish this by flushing out these parts with compressed air.

It is very important that you use proper care when cleaning out the carburetor. If you intend to do this, make sure that you use the proper equipment necessary perform this function. Do not use wires, or other machine-powered products to clean the carburetor. This is because the carburetor is carefully calibrated to a specific setting. Using those products might damage the product.