Grilling Good-Bye Party – Moving

Sadly you just found out that your neighbor is moving. You know how lucky you are to have such a great neighbor. You and your neighbor got along great. You even got together once in awhile with your children. Your children are going to miss each other especially in the summertime. You remember letting your kids run between each other’s houses. You and your neighbors had cook-outs, bon-fires, croquet in the backyard, etc. The thought of your neighbor moving is very sad.

You hope that your next neighbor will be as nice. You know you cannot replace your current neighbor, you just hope the new neighbor is not someone that likes to cause drama.

Since your neighbor is moving you want to do something special. You can have a grilling good-bye party for both of your families to get together. You may decide to invite some of the other neighbors as well.

Plan what types of foods you want to have at your grilling party. You may want something light such as fish on the grill. Fish is simple to grill and it does not take long. Make sure all of your neighbors like fish if you choose it.

You can grill homemade French fries with the fish. You will have a real Wisconsin fish fry if you choose this meal as the going away party. Add either a salad or coleslaw to the grill party.

When your guests arrive ask them what kind of beverage they would prefer. Make sure you have a few snacks sitting out so that everyone has something to munch on while they are visiting, talking about the move and waiting for dinner to be done.

Snacks you may want to serve include cut up fresh vegetables with a veggie dip. You can either make the veggie dip or buy it from the store. You could even use blue cheese salad dressing and/or cucumber ranch dressing for guests to dip their veggies in. Serve tortilla chips with a homemade salsa. This should be plenty as you do not want your guests to be too full for the main grilled meal.

Easy Grilled Fish

What you will need:

Freshly caught fish or Haddock from the grocery store
Fresh lemon or lemon juice
Real butter
Salt & pepper to taste

To prepare grilled fish:

Fire up your grill. If you have a gas grill 350 degrees is the perfect temperature. While your grill is preheating you can spray a tinfoil pan that is safe for the grill. Place the washed off fish into the tinfoil pan. Squirt lemon juice onto each piece of fish. Add a pat of butter to each piece of fish. Salt and pepper to taste. Once your grill is preheated, place the tinfoil pan of fish onto the grill. Cover your grill. Grill for 15 minutes or until fish flakes off with a fork.

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