Freeze Dried Food Storage space Vs Dehydrated Foodstuff

If you have got never tried freeze dried food storage area, then you might be thinking how it is different from regular dried food. Both are really preserved items that have got long shelf existence, and both are often used for items like emergency preparedness in addition to quick-prep meal remedies. Hikers and backpackers also use all of them because they are lightweight, simple to carry upon long journeys, and super easy to be able to prepare.

Wholesaler of quality seeds dried out food and dried food use significantly different techniques in order to “dry” out foods. The two are created using preservation processes that zap the humidity content out of foodstuff, preventing it from spoiling for an extremely long time. But are distinctly different in lots of ways. Below is a comparison of freeze dried food storage and dried out food.

Dehydrated Meals

Dehydrated food is definitely developed by subjecting meals to heat. Usually this means sun drying or air drying in a hot temperature. It is usually sometimes used inside home storage materials because of the long shelf living, but is quite often used for everyday cooking and snacking. For example, individuals like to much upon dried fruit and even they wish to make meals with items like sunshine dried tomatoes. Dried meals are however often used simply by backpackers because that they are super light-weight, compact, and inexpensive.


The drying process used to created dehydrated food alterations the taste plus texture. The foods lack most of their particular original flavor. These people are also have got a chewier feel. When it will come to taste, you can get really robust flavors out and about of dehydrated food items, like sun dried tomatoes, in case you make them for some time.

Nutritional Value

The air and sun drying process also minimize much of the nutritional price out of meals. Yet while this is diminished, snack foods like dried fruit are popular because they are usually higher in fibers than many some other foods.


The air and sunlight drying process don’t require expensive equipment and are also fairly simple, therefore that makes the foods less expensive. You may also make dehydrated foods at home when you have the right equipment.

Freeze Dried Food

Freeze dried food will be created using a cutting edge show freezing process. This particular preservation procedure keeps food in a state regarding suspended animation. When reconstituted, the meals is exactly while it was prior to it was flash frozen. Freeze dried meals are within high demand when it comes to home food storage. Some can continue as much as 30 decades without going negative. Some families even have 1 to three years worth regarding freeze dried meals for food storage area supply purposes just, while some choose to eat these people on an everyday basis because they offer a balanced diet regime.


The adobe flash freeze process keeps all of the particular foods original attributes including taste. Whenever reconstituted the foodstuff renforcement its aromas, flavors, and textures. And today, many foods storage companies are really creating really fine freeze dried dishes.

Nutritional Value

The display freeze preservation process also preserves all of the food items original nutritional content material. This means of which freeze dried food has a lot more nutritionary value than dried food.


Exceptional taste and large nutritional value help to make flash frozen meals more expensive than dehydrated food. Along using this, the products accustomed to freeze dried food is highly expensive and this adds to the cost.

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