Filipino Wedding Practices

Filipinos are rich in practices and carry their culture close. For that reason, there are a number of traditions that couples in the Philippines should incorporate into their weddings.


The filipino guy dating tips initial stage philipines brides of a Filipino wedding party is the pamamanhikan, a formal proposal ceremony in which a would-be groom goes to his potential bride’s home and asks her parents for their blessings. Also this is a time for the couple to get to know each other, their respective people, and speak about everything from budget to area to invitee list.

Engagement Ring

Even though a diamond is a traditional hoop for hitched Filipinos, several individuals choose to offer a treasured spouse and children heirloom seeing that an engagement ring rather. This is to represent her recognition to their family and their very own approval of her range of partner.

Lighting the Unity Candlestick

During a Filipino marriage, both the groom and bride light a candle to signify their families becoming a member of along as one. This can be a heartwarming tradition and an important icon of the like that they write about for one one other.

Blessings from Mom & Daddy

Whether they are Filipino-American, Muslim, or Christian, the wedding couple ask for the parents’ benefits during the wedding ceremony. This is a common custom that may be still used today.

Funds Dance

In the beginning of a Filipino reception, the bride and groom execute a money party. During this habit, guests pin number money to the bridal attendants’ dresses as a type of appreciation. This kind of tradition is not only an exciting way for the bride and soon-to-be husband to receive budgetary gifts, nevertheless it’s also a symbol of hope that they will experience prosperity alongside one another.

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