Every little thing But Bread! Other Treats to Make in Your Bread Machine

Even for the most avid bakers, bread can occasionally be boring. There are, luckily, other uses for your bread machine than baking bread. When struck by boredom, take a look by way of on-line recipe collections and printed recipe books for option recipes for your bread maker. Manufacturers, like large name brands like Zojirushi and Breadman, frequently consist of recipes on their web-sites or in their manuals. Forums and cooking internet sites are also exceptional sources for option recipes, as nicely.

If you are guilty of letting your bread machine collect dust when you aren’t generating bread, its time to change items up a bit. The positive aspects of a bread machine are not restricted to generating fresh baked bread – they involve fantastic recipes for all the things from jams, pasta doughs, cakes to fast breads and pound cakes. Bread is just the tip of the iceberg. In this article, you will discover a handful of of the lots of dishes you can prepare in a bread maker that are not bread.

Pound Cakes, Rapid Breads, and Cakes

The positive aspects of a bread machine in the kitchen are limitless. You can bake numerous treats in addition to yeast breads, and some of the finest are cakes, pound cakes, and swift breads. These scrumptious goodies can be created as if you had been employing your normal oven, working with your machine’s bake cycle. Most bread machines bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit, so you will need to be specific that your recipes get in touch with for this baking temperature, or adjust them accordingly.

A lot of machines come with a timer, but not all. If you have a model that does not have a built in timer, use the bake cycle though maintaining a close eye. Bake cycles on machines that don’t have a timer are often set in 15 minute increments. Decide on the one that most closely matches your recipe’s needs. If your cake starts to smell just before the bake cycle ends, check it Cakes typically begin to smell scrumptious when they finish, or are in the final stages of, baking.


Fresh jam is a treat no matter how you make it, but bread machines make some of the best jam about. Pretty much just about every bread machine on the market place has a jam cycle. There are a handful of points you have to have to have in thoughts prior to creating jam in your bread machine, though.

Doubling recipes for jam in a bread machine is a no-no. If the jam overflows, you can actually destroy the heating element. You are going to also require to be prepared for the heat. Use your potholders to eliminate the pan when the jam cycle ends. Jam is hot when it finishes, and you can burn your self pretty badly if you do not use the correct protection. Make sure that the containers you pour your jam into are heat-safe, too. The jam you make is protected for canning. It isn’t. You are going to need to have to use the jam inside a week, so the fact that you can not double your batches is possibly very good. Also, never puree your fruits ahead of time. The most effective bread machine jams are produced with cubed or diced fruit. Adjusting sugar is a different no-no. Sugar assists to create the texture of the jam, and applying also considerably or too little could yield something closer to fruit candy or fruit syrup alternatively of jam.

Producing jam is not a way to use up fruit that is not very ripe or that is going terrible. The ideal flavors are accomplished from perfectly ripe fruits that have no undesirable spots or imperfections. Overripe and unripe fruit can spoil the flavor of jam by creating it slightly sour or acrid. For new flavor combinations, use fruits that have similar levels of acidity. Blackberries, strawberries and raspberries can be combined readily, for instance. These fruits never call for added acid.

Using stone fruits like cherries and apricots or operating with blueberries apples, pears, and other low acid fruits will normally demand the addition of a tiny acid. Lemon juice is normally the most effective. You can combine these fruits with each other without the need of much effort. Bread machine jam cycle recipes generally call for two cups of fruit 3 ¼ cups of sugar, and for those that want acid, an extra two tablespoons of lemon juice.

Other Doughs

Any person who loves Italian meals should rejoice if they personal a bread maker. The dough setting is great for churning out these challenging to create pasta doughs. You are going to want a floured surface to function on still, of course If you have a pasta press, even far better. You are going to be able to yield fine gourmet pastas with it really is aid. Rolling pins can assistance as well. The rustic texture developed with the enable of a rolling pin can be charming on its own.

خبز برجر are an additional possibility with the help of your bread machine. So are pie crusts, dumplings, and practically something else that requires a difficult dough. Preserve a rubber spatula on hand for operating with non-cake or bread doughs, on the other hand. You may well need to have to check the machine every 5 minutes and gently scrape down the sides to guarantee that components mix evenly. Cookies can be a bit much more challenging, specially if you are adding in components such as nuts or chocolate chips that could lead to the dough hook to get stuck. Check cookie doughs every two-three minutes.

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