Dry Cleaning – Where It All Started And How It May Benefit You

You probably know that the dry cleaning business is not environmentally-friendly. There are lots of reasoned explanations why it is not a “green” organization a lot of the time. But did you realize that some stores have turned to “natural” dry cleaning ?

Typically, several a dry cleaning company depends on the utilization of the solvent perchloroethylene (also named perc) since it is not flammable, is stable, and is gentle enough for use of all clothes. Nevertheless, perc is the culprit that produces dry cleaning a pollutant task – damaging to both the environment and to humans alike. Because several people are switching to a “greener”, environmentally-friendly life style, there’s a growing need for the “natural” form of dry cleaning organization which does not count on perc to completely clean clothes.

For the owner of a solution business homeowners, it makes organization feeling to change from perc to less hazardous methods. For just one, he will not be liable for the illnesses that perc is thought to cause individuals who function in laundry shops.

Samples of illnesses resulting from contact with perc are paid down fertility; discomfort of the throat, nose, eyes and skin; cervical cancer; esophageal cancer; and bladder cancer. The prospect of having to shoulder the astronomical medical costs of washing shop employees as a result of perc exposure at the office can persuade any laundry shop manager of the necessity for better, “greener” means of dry cleaning.

You can find three known techniques for dry cleaning which can be thought to be much better than utilization of perc. First is fluid carbon dioxide cleaning , also known as CO2 cleaning. That one is thought to be the very best of the three identified methods, equally in regards to cleaning and in regards to lowering wellness risks. The next technique is known as silicon-solvent centered cleaning , that will be almost as good as CO2 cleaning when it comes to cleaning clothes. The past strategy is dubbed wet cleaning which involves the use of soap and water.

But inspite of the beautiful advantages of applying these three techniques as a substitute to perc cleaning , they are not being widely used at the moment.

One reason is it is difficult to find trained workers who understand how to install the equipment for these new technologies. The next reason is that the price of adding the newest technologies is a lot more than that for perc-based equipment. Since the dry cleaning business is profit-oriented, it’s perhaps not astonishing that numerous owners still decide for perc-based equipment for his or her Dry Cleaning rather than trouble about researching CO2 cleaning or silicon-solvent based cleaning.

However, the truth that these three “natural” methods occur means there is wish that more company owners can choose to adopt “natural” practices and phase out perc-based techniques completely. If you should be looking into creating your own dry cleaning business, attempt to think about the three natural methods mentioned – your staff and customers can many thanks for it.

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