Do-It-Oneself Infrared Sauna

Purchasing an infrared sauna cabin can be as well expensive, specifically if you happen to be not confident you’ll benefit from it. Infrared sauna blankets, bags or domes force you to lie on one location for half an hour and are not affordable as well. Nonetheless, an additional choice exists – it is to do an infrared sauna yourself.

In this post I want to tell you about two approaches to develop a sauna fully with your personal hands, without prefabricated kits. It can be a somewhat cheap resolution, so you can take pleasure in a sauna in your home atmosphere for a affordable price. You can develop it to prove your self that infrared will give some benefit to your overall health before buying an infrared sauna cabin, or it can be a convenient way to have a dwelling sauna when you have not much cost-free space at your household.

Just before I go into explanations I want to warn you about security. Creating a sauna oneself may perhaps involve carrying out some electrical wiring. Infrared heaters employed in a sauna commonly have higher energy requirements – as substantially as 1000 Watt. Please, do not try to build sauna oneself if you do not know what you happen to be doing. Greater ask or hire somebody who has experience with electrical energy to do it for you. If you will set up a sauna in a bathroom preserve in thoughts that as a wet spot it has strict requirements for electrical wiring security.

Infrared sauna with two infrared heaters

Initially way to set up a household sauna is described by Jim Clements in his post The Bathroom for FIR Sauna, in which he explains how to use two infrared heaters placed in a fairly tiny space (5×11 feet suggested). He uses two 500 Watt 9 Amp infrared heaters from THMI, saying that these heaters give comparable knowledge as in an infrared sauna cabin. He offers no specific data about this heaters aside from wattage and do not know if any other brand of heaters will suit for this sauna set-up. I believe it is critical that heaters should really not have also higher wattage (not above 600 Watt).

These two heaters need to be placed on the either sides of the space (five-6 feet apart). As they are 9 Amp you need to either use 20 Amp outlet or use extension cord from some other outlet in your property to split existing between two 15 Amp outlets. Make sure that extension cord can safely deal with power needs of an infrared heater.

At pre-heating stage Jim recommends to turn heaters to a door or to a wall for heating to take place more quickly. Don’t spot heaters as well close to the walls or other objects due to the threat of inflammation. The heating time is usually greater than with infrared sauna cabin and can be from 30 minutes to an hour. When the space is heated you can use it as a frequent infrared sauna, just go and sweat there. You could want to spot a towel below the door and not to use ventilation as it will let air flow to lower temperature in a room. You don’t necessarily have to use a bathroom for a sauna you can use any appropriate location or make a special enclosure.

As an addition for two heaters Jim utilizes a 250 Watt infrared lamp hanged on the room ceiling (in his description he suggests to attach it to a shower curtain rod. He says he utilizes a light bulb from Sylvania but I believe other manufacturers will be fine. Attempt to get a lamp with not focused but radiant infrared light.

Infrared sauna with infrared lamps

Another way to create an infrared sauna at your property is proposed by Dr. Lawrence Wilson. On his web page about sauna therapy he describes how to use 3 250 Watt infrared light bulbs to make an infrared sauna. You will require three 250 Watt infrared bulbs (not clear heat, as he writes that they have incorrect spectrum). infrared sauna blanket recommends employing Philips, Basic Electric or Sli lamps. Also you will have to have three ceramic or plastic lamp sockets for the bulbs, fifteen feet of heavy lamp cord, medium duty male wall plug and a switch, or greater, timer-switch which is capable to handle seven amps current.

Socket should be mounted on a 46′’ high by 15′’ wide (or 12′’ higher by 24′’ wide if you want to mount it on a wall) board made from wood, plywood or veneer. They must form a triangle with the middle socket on the top rated of it. The major socket really should be at chest level when sitting. Sockets really should be wired in parallel. Connect socket wire to a switch. Immediately after attaching sockets to the board with screws you will need to make a cover form hardware cloth to avoid bulbs from touching anything.

Be incredibly cautious when using this sauna, always safe a board to a wall to make sure that it will not fall. Do not allow youngsters to play with or use it without having your supervision.

Dr. Wilson also describes how to construct an enclosure for your sauna with a set of pipes. They form a frame which can be covered by blankets or other fabric to make a smaller space which can be employed for sauna sessions.

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