Children are the main carriers of the coronavirus.

Chinese experts have come to the conclusion that children are the main carriers of coronavirus infection. The main problem with the detection of coronavirus in children and adolescents is that the disease in most of them develops asymptomatically.

No child surveyed who became ill has ever complained about symptoms of infection developing in adults. Rarely, but there were complaints of coughing, sore throat, stuffy nose.

It is also interesting that the X-rays performed on children infected with coronavirus did not indicate pneumonia. And smears of the nasopharynx didn’t indicate infection. As a result, the microbe was only found in their feces after discharge from the medical institution. Scientists now claim that children in situations where the virus is spreading pose a threat to adults, especially the elderly or those suffering from chronic illnesses.

The situation on the virus is very serious. It is highly advised to follow the WHO instructions on preventing the infection, keep track of Coronavirus (COVID-19) live statistics, and take care of your immune system.