Can I create a blog for free?

Recently, there are more and more opportunities to create your website. There are both paid and free hosting, with which you can easily create your blog on the Internet.

There aren’t a lot of free hosting solutions, but they do exist. To create a blog for free, you need to find a free web-hosting (that has installation-readyWordpressor any similar engine), or use services that provide pre-installed blog system and the opportunity to post your blog on the Internet for free (with them usually present advertising), and opportunities for monetization of such a blog in the future almost none.

Now the most popular blog engine is WordPresscontent management system. With its help, you can create a blog of almost any complexity, it is easy to install and at the same time allows you to create complex resources, does not create a heavy load on hosting, and it is very easy to use for the realization of their creative abilities. Most templates (even free) include most of your needs, even such little things as nice loading spinners that show up when data is loaded by AJAX.

If you do not want to contact programmers, and want to install a blog yourself (ie, completely free), you may have to learn the basics of HTML and CSS (to refine the design of your blog). But even if you do not know have skills, you can easily use the ready-made plug-ins (to extend the functionality of your blog), themes (to change the visual design of a blog), widgets (to add certain blocks to the blog to attract the attention of users).

Naturally, if your blog starts to gain popularity and you have done everything right, you can transfer it to paid hosting and start making real money!