Advantages and disadvantages of fan coils


In this article of Damapouya magazine, we intend to discuss about the advantages and disadvantages of fan coils and the importance of using this series of air conditioning systems in different environments. A fan coil is a system consisting of copper pipes (coil) and a strong fan (fan) that provides heating in the cold season like winter and cooling in hot weather of summer. It is considered as an air conditioning system that can be used based on consumer needs and it’s a complementary system that can be used via package or boiler. It actually functions as a cooling system to supply the required temperature in the building. Hot water in summer and cold water in winter pass through the copper or aluminum coils of the fan coil and become hot or cold due to the collision with the air that is under the pressure of the fan and the outside air. Thus this a process which causes heat or cold. In fact, after passing through the designated duct next to the coils, the air’s temperature changes and it’s transferred into the desired unit by means of the fan coil valve. This air conditioner exchanges heat with the air inside the room and supplies the desired temperature.

Disadvantages of fan coil

First of all, in order to get acquainted with the disadvantages and advantages of fan coils, we must consider the structure and technical characteristics of this system. In fact, it should be said that this series of air conditioning systems has numerous advantages and disadvantages just like any other equipment. The design and construction of these systems is such that after the installation of fan coils in some indoor environments, the device may need separate ducts to allow air to escape in order to increase performance or proper operation. It should be noted that the condensates in each unit should be disposed of after meeting the needs and performing the relevant tasks. The important point about these systems is that they need additional maintenance compared to all-air systems, such as: repairs, which is a kind of disadvantage of fan coils, because if the number of fan coils in a building is high, a large number of mechanical equipment and also a lot of noise, will cause more damage in the building. It is best to service the fan coil annually, which of course requires sufficient technical force and cost. Fan coils have many parts, each of which can be worn and damaged due to moisture and other destructive currents, but the important point is that the repair of the fan coil is not very complicated and the fan coil is easier and less expensive to repair than complex central heating plant room’s equipment. This issue is a prominent point in the discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of fan coils.

Advantages of fan coil

In this part of the article, by providing information about the disadvantages and advantages of fan coils we will guide you in choosing and purchasing according to your needs. This system is an air conditioning system that has a dual function and therefore plays an important role in providing heat and cold. Also, this system is cheaper and more economical in terms of installation and purchase, because it uses pipes to transfer heat and cold. Energy consumption in these systems is variable due to the use of boilers, packages and chillers. In general, it can be said that it’s energy consumption is little compare to similar systems. Fan coils are easier in terms of installing plumbing and wiring, which is why it is preferred over other systems. In addition, at the same time as the operation of such equipment, uninhabited parts of the building can be turned off, which saves money. In fact, virtually any environment can be controlled or turned on and off. Other advantages of this equipment include uniform air conditioning and heating, the presence of air filters with washability and lower maintenance costs compared to gas-operated systems such as air conditioners and the ability to install a thermostat to control and program the device. In the following, we will discuss more about the disadvantages and advantages of fan coils.

Types of fan coils

After reviewing the disadvantages and advantages of this type of equipment named fan coil, we will have a look at the types of available models of this equipment. In fact, it should be said that in discussing the disadvantages and advantages of fan coils, these systems are designed in such a way that they can be installed on the surface and built-in. In other words, in terms of installing position, these systems are divided into types of grounded fan coil, ceiling fan coil, duct fan coil, and in terms of structure, they are divided into two categories: two-pipe shape and four-pipe shape. The first category consists of a return pipe and four pipes with two return pipes and two return pipes. As mentioned, fan coils are produced and supplied in different types and with different installation positions. Many companies are currently working to manufacture these types of equipment and produce and market millions of devices annually. As an example of these reputable brands, we can mention Tahvieh fan coil, using modern and advanced technologies. This company has been able to produce high quality and practical products and present them to the market. This type of equipment also has a number of disadvantages and advantages of fan coils.


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