5 Important Reasons to understand Chinese

It is frequently being mentioned that Chinese is really a difficult language to learn. People often get intimidated by the very thought of learning Chinese language. The real fact is that Chinese is among the most interesting and fascinating language to learn. Chinese is among the oldest languages of the planet, which has a rich history that dates back around 6000 years old. Chinese language has a vast scope with 20,000 existing characters, among which only 3000- 4000 are necessary to be learnt. Likewise there are several fun and interesting facts about Chinese language, which you can find out more by learning this beautiful language.

Reasons why you need to learn Chinese

-It’s a language of majority of the world’s population- It really is believed that English may be the widely spoken language of the planet, whereas the simple truth is that Chinese is more widely spoken language than English. It’s estimated that one- fourth of the world’s population speaks Chinese language. It’s a misconception that learning this language is essential only when one visits China. Thus learning learn Chinese in 5 minutes would improve your communication skills more.

-Rich and Interesting Chinese history and Culture- China is one of the world’s oldest civilization with a rich culture and history. Chinese culture includes its literature, music, arts, cuisine, etc. Once you learn Chinese language you get a deep insight into its rich history, culture and heritage, which is a smart way to enrich your knowledge and learning.

-Learning Chinese for fun- If you are someone who enjoy learning new languages, learning Mandarin is your strong point. Chinese is a very interesting language to learn and you should keep it in priority list when you wish to learn a new language. Chinese is really a tonal language and how you say the words changes the meaning of it, that is a unique feature of Chinese language. Once you learn Chinese online you get a more interactive environment making your learning experience more enjoyable and worthwhile.

-Experiencing the world in another way- Once you learn any foreign language, you literally visit the world in a fresh way by exploring another language and its culture. It gives you a deep insight into a world that is totally different from yours. You come to learn the cultural similarities and differences, and absorb some area of the new culture in yourself, thus causing you to see the world in a different way.

-Learning Chinese expands career opportunities- China is really a fast developing economy in the present scenario. U.S is looking ahead to tie business relationships with China. China as a country is buying many countries for business opportunities. Thus learning Mandarin is very beneficial for both career and business purposes, as learning this language gives you an edge when searching for competitive career opportunities.

Mandarin Chinese is among the six official languages used by the United Nations. The benefits of learning this beautiful language are many. Schools, colleges and universities around the world are fast adopting this language to educate their students.Its a language of the future, learning this language is a unique experience which you would cherish for the lifetime.

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