5 Easy Steps to Increase a Truck’s Towing Capacity

Manufacturers assign all vehicles their maximum towing capacity. This is the weight of the trailer that a tow vehicle is allowed to tow. The weights are usually indicated in pounds. This means that every vehicle has a different towing capacity, according to its make and specifications. Vehicles towing capacity is usually determined by its components and whether these components have the ability to efficiently and safely handle extra weight. The engines horse power and brakes play a big role during towing. To stop load, the brakes should have enough power while the engine must have enough horse power. When modifications are done to some of the systems, towing capacity may increase.

You will need an upgraded hitch, a trailer brake controller, upgraded axles and a power programmer.

1. Compare the weight of the trailer you want to tow to the maximum towing capacity of the vehicle. If there is a difference 0f 1,000 to 2,000 pound, a different vehicle should be used. If the range is reasonable, modifications can be done.

2. Install the truck with an aftermarket power programmer. The power programmer helps add torque and horsepower to the vehicle. With the additional power, the vehicle can tow heavier load. The power programmer works with the electronic control modules of the vehicle to create better handling. It modifies the transmissions that are automatic during trailer towing. These programmers are specific to the vehicles applications and are constructed according to the trucks make and model.

3. It’s important for a vehicle to stop efficiently and safely while towing heavy load. Approach a mechanic and have them upgrade your truck’s braking system. The brake rotors when upgraded create a brake that is more powerful. A trailer brake controller that is electronic can also be installed. This helps you adjust the trailer’s braking system power during driving.

4. Heavier duty parts should be installed to upgrade the differentials and axles. When the gear ratio is upgraded, stress is reduced on the trucks drive train during towing more info.

5. When choosing a hitch, make sure it is capable of handling the weight you wish to tow. Most manufacturers install a class 3 hitch during manufacture. The class 3 hitch can tow loads of up to 5,000 pounds. When you install a high class hitch, you are able to tow heavier loads safely. You can install a class five hitch hence increasing your hitch capability to 10,000 pounds.

These simple steps will help you upgrade your truck to tow heavy loads. Towing weights that are above maximum towing capacities can cause problems. Extra caution should hence be taken during towing. Make sure you hitch is properly installed to avoid sagging of the tow vehicle.


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