5 Best Wine Tasting and Winery Tours in Yerevan 


The capital Yerevan offers a stunning perspective on Armenia’s characterizing image – the magnificent Ararat. Khor Virap interprets as profound prison, and it was based on the spot of the previous illustrious jail, situated on the recorded site of Artashat. The Monastery is likewise quite possibly the most hallowed spots for Armenians all throughout the planet. This visit will likewise take you to the Areni Cave (Bird’s Cave). In 2008, archeologists found a few of the world’s most established curios, including a calfskin shoe and a winery here.

1) Wine tour & tasting, Birds-Cave
Get out of Yerevan for a day of exploring Armenia on a full-day trip to Khor Virap, Norovank Monastery, T’rchuneri (Bird) Cave, and Areni, a wine-growing town in a scenic landscape. With a guide to help bring each destination to life.

2)Group tour Hin Areni Winery
Experience the longest cable-way in the world the “Wings of Tatev” on this full-day tour Yerevan to the southern part of Armenia. Admire the beauty of Shaki waterfall as well as Tatev Monastery overlooking the gorgeous gorge of Vorotan river and witness this breathtaking view just from the height of the cable-way with “Yerani Travel”.

3) Wine Tasting
EVN Wine Academy offers masterclasses and wine tasting events. This tasting is a great opportunity for anyone who has an interest in wine and wants to learn more about Armenian wines. Our specialists will help you to build up your wine knowledge. Taste four different wines from Armenia and master food and wine pairing skills with our delicious snacks.


4) Private Tour to Areni winery
Southeastern Armenia is home to a plethora of historic sights and stunning landscapes. This private excursion takes you on one of the world’s longest cable car rides to the ancient Tatev Monastery, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Khndzoresk site which features a swinging bridge and a cave complex, as well as the Areni vineyard to sample Armenian wine. Private transportation and a dedicated guide are included.


5) Private tour Winery, Birds Cave
Explore the history and delights of picturesque Armenia in comfort on our amazing 8-9-hour tour! Although there are various historical landmarks in Armenia, the oldest and most well-known is probably the Biblical Mount Ararat. This is why our tour promises a spectacular view from the closest spot possible.

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