3 Different Pathway To Fully Incorporate Digital Platforms Into Business


The technology and computer age bring a new challenge for business. It is a time when digital superpowers and functions take place, creating better performance, and easier work or support. This is where the digital platform is considered the key to being fully immersed in digitalization. But how to do it? there are at least 3 different options you can take.

The Three Pathway To Utilize And Transform Business With Digitalization 

  1. Using It As The Core

For the complete incorporation of digitalization, you can try it as the core. In this model, the digitizing path handles almost every operation model and business process. It helps reduce internal siloes by orchestrating everything digitally. Generally, the function helps generate a faster, immediate efficiency, and customer experience gains.

The idea is considered an evolutionary change since the core expansion offers new digital services in the business ecosystem. In many cases and in the bigger picture, it improves the sales and services through undisturbed link and flow. It is the best implementation if the business has no digital disruption or is fully committed to the new model.

  1. Using It As an Innovation Platform

Digital platform integration that you can consider without changing the whole ecosystem is an innovation. In this kind of platform, the design will go along with the existing business to generate new or better digital services. It is a good option when the company is looking to incorporate and introduce new digital services or technology.

The main function is to expand into the adjacent industry, which is why it is called innovation. When using this model, the company will use classic digital and lean start-up techniques in the ecosystem. It includes adding and testing new digital products. It works and improve cost-effectivity, efficiency, and provides faster customer feedback, etc.

  1. Combining Models

The safest and most common option is combining digitalization gradually in the ecosystem. The company will slowly integrate the two options above, creating improvement over time and boosting business performance. You can try this digital platform model integration if your company is focusing on building synergies with the already existing core business.

The three options given above are merely the sense of models. You can try one that fit your need and the business function. While indeed each has its specific uses and implementation, you need to implement the best and work with the proper provider. If you are interested to join the digitalization, please consider getting service from Soltius Indonesia. Complete information can visit www.soltius.co.id

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